I Have A Problem. And A Solution.

The day I signed up for Word Press, I giggled a little. At the time I had been thinking about the amount of time that I spent on the internet and on social networks specifically. So it seemed silly to be signing up for yet one more thing that would require me to sit in front of a laptop instead of doing so many other things. But due to school and all, I haven’t put as much effort into this since I first started. Over the past two months, I have had an extreme amount of thoughts going on through my head that I wanted to put down on paper (or keyboard). And… now they’re all very distant and I don’t even know what I wanted to say about them. Probably for the better.

So why am I writing this now when I could be catching up on my sleep?

Ah, well. I miss writing. And I want to write a little about writing.

It is an understatement to say that words are a huge part of our lives. Whether you can speak, hear, or sign them they are the ways that we express what we’re thinking and how we feel. Yes, there are other forms of expressing ourselves, through many forms of art which make writing seem pretty basic. But it’s my favorite. Not only because I am not creative in any other way, but because it has always been an important part of my life. Before I was ten years old I would write stories in Spanish as that was the only language that I knew, and it took me a while to start writing in English after I learned, other than school work. Eventually, I sort of became obsessed with writing. Before I joined the world of Facebook, I used to write letters to my friends in other cities. My obsession with reading also grew as I begun to read books that were out of my age group and I realized that there was a world outside of the 132 Baby-sitters Club books (that’s not even counting the mystery books). I was the most confident in English in high school because it gave me the opportunity to do something I was good at, or at least that I enjoyed.

But…, after I graduated high school I stopped writing for quite a while. I was no longer given a topic to write about, not even a picture and when the ideas didn’t come, I stopped. When I started taking it up again I was starting university and the writing I had to do for school took away all the inspiration I had for creative writing. Not only that, but I started to spend more and more time social networking; sometimes I would have new word document open to start writing but I would continue to just go back to Facebook.

Which brings be to the point of this late-night blog. Facebook has ruined my writing. As I’m sure many of you have felt before, I have this compulsive need to check my newsfeed, ALL THE TIME. I even have a morning routine; before I get out of bed I will have checked my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If I received emails while I was sleeping, I will check those too (although most of the time I just delete them). Lately I have also had the compulsive need to check my school website to see if any of my marks went up, but I think that’s just normal. So before I have even brushed my teeth, I am caught up on the lives of hundreds of people. And yet, that’s not enough. Throughout the day I find myself checking all those sites again, along with Google+ and my work email. If no one is texting me at the time, I will scrawl up and down my newsfeeds multiple times, as if I missed something the last ten times I checked in the past hour.

If you are judging me right now, you have every right to. I have a problem, I know it. Through some soul searching I have convinced myself that the potential for a good story is at my fingertips (literally).

Every problem has a solution. And the solution to mine is to cut out social networks. Which makes me laugh, because there is no way that I am going cold turkey on this. So I will have to slowly reduce my time (I will be counting) until I feel that it’s no longer a problem. I had said a few weeks ago that I would be joining YouTube as well.  The plan was to start a channel once this school year was over, and to follow my topics with this blog; so since other social networks will be out and I should be writing more on here, the YouTube thing will eventually happen. Although I’m not quite sure how comfortable I feel talking in front of a camera, so we will see!

Either way, expect to see me less! But expect to see more writing. These blogs will be the first part of writing that I will focus on, and eventually I will hopefully be writing many other things!

AND! If you have topics, ideas, pictures, art, stories, ANYTHING that could possibly help get me started, please go ahead and share them. Even if you give me a topic that I know nothing about, I will do my research and I will learn!

Thanks for following tonight’s train of thought!


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